Master Plan Implementation Committee

Master Plan Project Poster


The Master Plan Implementation Committee (MPIC) functions as an advisory body to the Town Manager and other Town officials and residents regarding the Comprehensive Master Plan. They steward the Plan and ensure that the elements of the Plan are addressed so the goals and objectives of the Plan are achieved through current and future Town activities.

The MPIC serves as a liaison on behalf of the Town Manager's Office with town boards and committees that have a role in implementing the Master Plan to encourage the review and incorporation of Master Plan goals.

It works with the relevant Town departments to review Master Plan implementation charts and provide quarterly progress updates to the Town Manager, Planning Board and Town Council.

Working collaboratively with Town staff, it is responsible for public education about the Master Plan implementation process, including creating user-friendly metrics and documents.

The Committee is responsible for conducting its activities in a manner in which complies with all relevant state and local laws and regulations including, but not limited to the open meeting law when applicable, ethics laws and public records law.


  • Paul J. Meoni - chairperson
  • Jesse Gordon - Town Council 
  • Henry Cooke, IV - Historical Commission
  • Fran Blanchard - Conservation Commission
  • Lisa Millwood - School Committee
  • Nereyda Santos-Pina - Planning Board
  • Paul McCarthy - Business representative
  • Marcell Robateau - Community Preservation
  • Pete Taveira - Board of Recreation

Staff Contacts

  • Michelle Tyler
    Phone: 781-961-0936