2022 Youth Interns

Meet our 2022 Community Wellness Project Youth Interns!

From July through August, the Community Wellness Project hosted 3 Randolph youth for the summer. The Summer Youth Internship provides a dedicated space for young people to take on projects that support implementation of the Community Wellness Plan. One of the objectives of the internship is to create pathways for future community leadership and empower young people in Randolph to be more actively engaged in their community. Another goal is to provide young people with a more comprehensive understanding of health and wellness. The students are funded by the YouthWorks program through the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development. The program is administered by the Commonwealth Corporation in partnership with MassHire South Shore. More information about the YouthWorks program can be found on the Commonwealth Corporation's website.

Alex, Nahlya, and Tina were matched with our project through Randolph YouthWorks based on their experiences, drive, and interest in health and wellness. The Youth Interns are very excited to use their perspectives as Randolph youth to engage with their peers and the community. This summer, they will work on a variety of projects, including a podcast, a health awareness video, creative writing, and a end-of-summer block party around health and wellness in Randolph. Supported by the Backbone Committee of the Community Wellness Project, students also receive on-the-job training to develop skills that they will carry on beyond the internship. In addition to learning more about what equity and justice means in the context of the Community Wellness Plan, they are also learning about how to achieve equitable and just health outcomes for the Town.

Read their weekly blogs below to follow their learning journey and get behind-the-scene glimpses into their planning process!

Photo of Youth Interns at block party

Image of Alex's biographic summary

My name is Alexander Pierre Louis I am 16 years old and I am entering the 11th grade next at New Heights Charter School of Brockton. I am Haitian American and very interested in health because I wanna be a pharmacist some day. I feel I am very cooperative so I feel I would work nice with a team. Please check out my creative blogs below!

Image of Nahlya's graphic bio

My name is Nahlya Hall and I am 17 years old. I am entering my senior year of high school next year (12th grade). I am attending South Shore Charter Public School. I am hoping to major in STEM/Design. I have done this program last year, and I was previously placed in Randolph Engineering. I have lived in Randolph for 17 years. My favorite color is purple. Please check out my work below!

Tina Graphic Bio

My name is Tina Cao and I will be a junior at Randolph High School this upcoming year. I serve as treasurer for the Class of ‘24, a member of the RHS band and a student athlete. I like to spend my time creatively writing and creating new crafts. I enjoy learning new things and trying my best to achieve new goals. Please check out my writing below!