October 2017 Assistant Director's Report

Dear Trustees,

            I wanted to begin this report with the exciting news that Wylie Francis James was born on Monday September 25th at 8:27pm, weighing 6lbs, 9oz and 20 inches long. Mom and son are both happy and healthy. We have had several requests for Meaghan’s home address from volunteers, patrons, and more. Staff has been directed to let anyone that wishes to send her a card know that I will be sending them to her personally (all at once) and they can leave the card at the library.

            We have a lot of exciting programming this October including a Know Your Rights Immigration Law Seminar in both English and Creole, a Supernatural Evening with Jeff Belanger, a Career Readiness Seminar, a FAFSA workshop for teens, a Hip Hop dance class for teens, and upwards of five story times each week for children. We have met with the Program Director, Jovan Zuniga and the Children/Teen Coordinator William Thompson from the new Intergenerational Community Center and have high hopes for both collaborative programming and for joint marketing opportunities. We have also begun a new marketing campaign aimed at 20-35 year olds (as we see much lower numbers in our demographics for this age range than others), that the Friends group will be sponsoring. Since re-opening our numbers have increased steadily and are just now beginning to even out. Below is a chart to give you an idea of the type of statistics we are collecting. We have also just begun using Google SEO and Analytics to their full capacity allowing us access to even more statistics.





People Count

Website Hits

Self Check Transactions

August 2017







August 2015









After a few minor behavioral issues and theft we have decided to install a new security camera as a deterrent on the Mezzanine level in order to better monitor the area behind the stacks that is not visible from the main floor. We have also had a 4th phone line installed, as Protection One (the fire system) needs a dedicated line and was previously installed on the copper line that we switched to voice over IP for our new phone system.

  Elizabeth LaRosee

Assisant Director