November 2017 Assistant Director's Report

Assistant Director’s Report

Trustees Meeting

Tuesday November 21st, 2017


Dear Trustees,

               I wanted to begin with a follow-up from our October meeting. VAV Consulting has sent us an additional $10k check (they originally sent a $16k check when the agreed upon amount was $26k). Meaghan negotiated this “refund” to the Town from the HVAC Company we used in our renovation. We did have to contact the HVAC Company several times this past month as there are still some issues arising regarding maintenance and settings. We also spoke at the last meeting regarding collaboration with the new Intergenerational Community Center. Meaghan and I both attended the Grand Opening and truly believe that this is a good opportunity for joint marketing and collaborative programming.

               The Turner Free Library is not new to the idea of intergenerational programs. Although we have a great record of accomplishment presenting these programs (First Fridays, Annual Poetry Contests, Tutoring, etc), we have decided to make an even greater effort to collaborate between departments. This past Monday we hosted an “Adulting 101” workshop where families with children, teenagers, and adults could all learn basic skills such as ironing, sewing, how to jump-start a car, and basic hand tool usage. We have also begun an ongoing Reading Buddies program where teens are paired with children as well as our continued successful First Friday events with a “Frozen First Friday” for December (we expect over 500 attendees).

               In keeping with the many technological advances we have made recently (new website, new computers, new RFID system, etc) and to go along with our re-branding project, we have updated our logo as well as created a slogan for the Turner Free Library (see below). The typeface on our logo has been updated and filled in to be more visible (which is especially important for visually impaired individuals). Our slogan was heavily researched and truly expresses the Turner Free Library mission. All marketing materials going forward will display this logo/slogan in order to create a sense of familiarity with library programs in the community.

               While the library is always looking forward, we also recognize the importance of preserving our past. A Ms. Margaret Powell from Washington State recently contacted us regarding a book in her possession, a first edition copy of “A Humble Romance and Other Stories” by Mary Wilkins Freeman. We have two copies of this book (one in our historic collection and one on the shelf), however Ms. Powell’s copy has a handwritten letter from Mary Wilkins Freeman pasted inside of it with a Randolph postmark of 1890. This would be a fantastic addition to our historic collection on display and I am working with Ms. Powell to see if she would be willing to donate it to the library.

               Finally, the holidays are upon us once again and I have a request regarding the staff. Since both Christmas and New Year’s Day are on Mondays, the Town is closing offices at 12pm on the 22nd and 29th (Fridays). I was wondering if the Trustees might agree to closing the library at 12pm on the 23rd and 30th so that our Saturday staff might also enjoy the long holiday weekend. Thank you for your consideration.


Thank you,

Elizabeth LaRosee

Assistant Director

Submitted: 11/7/2017