December 2017 Assistant Director's Report

Assistant Director’s Report

Trustees Meeting

Tuesday December 12th, 2017


Dear Trustees,

               I wanted to begin by sharing the news that Meaghan James and myself have been selected to speak at the Computers in Libraries conference in DC this coming April. We will be presenting on staff management strategies for technology implementation. I attended this conference last year and found it to be one of the most useful I have ever been to, especially in terms of technology advancement. Meaghan will talk more about this opportunity, including our $1000 registration fee being waived! Along the lines of professional development, I would also like to note that we currently have three staff members taking advantage of the continuing education program through their union. They are taking classes that will help them better serve the public, especially in relation to technology requests.

               We had a very successful after hours Holiday Program (Frozen First Friday) with over 500 people in attendance and wonderful reviews from patrons. We have also had some very successful computer programming with the laptops Sharon was able to procure through the Friends. These programs include both adult and children’s technology lessons. As discussed at the previous meeting we are also working with local advocacy groups (3 so far have agreed and at least 1, a Randolph resident, will conduct sessions in Haitian Creole) to bring in immigration advocates for confidential sessions regarding the provisional residency protection being discontinued. This is in addition to the handouts we are providing at the doors.

               We have had several complaints about the parking lot lights recently (especially with it getting darker earlier). I have contacted the church, who assure me their lights are in the process of being fixed. Brian Howard has contacted the DPW in relation to the Town lights on Turner Lane. Our dumbwaiter failed inspection in November and Delta Beckwith has been informed. There have been some delays in getting this fixed on their end but they have assured us it will be completed by next week (well within the violation window). We have been having a lot of networking issues (due to initial set up) that we are working on along with specific issues with our time management vendor, Comprise. They have agreed to come onsite free of charge in January to assess the situation and our tech consultant, Craig Sanders will work with them to better speed, access, and usability for patrons.

               The Legislative Reception (for which the Friends have generously donated $150) will be held at the Brockton Public Library this year on February 9th at 6pm (a change from the usual breakfast reception). Senator Michael D. Brady is the Legislative Sponsor this year and information will be mailed out to all reps serving libraries in the OCLN network. As always, trustees and library supporters are encouraged to attend this event, which highlights the importance of library services in our area.

               The staff is very grateful for the staff party approved by the Trustees. La Scala has been booked for the party on January 5, 2018 at 6pm. They also wish me to pass along their thanks for the approved ½ days on 12/23 and 12/30. Everyone is very excited for Meaghan James return. Happy Holidays!

               Thank you,

Elizabeth LaRosee

Assistant Director

Submitted: 12/8/2017