Temporary Food Service

The Randolph Health Department, through the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (105 CMR 590) have established standards designed to prevent the spread of foodborne illnesses. In order to ensure attendees of private or public events are protected from illness, specific criteria must be met and, in some cases, a Temporary Food Service Permit may be required.

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Who needs a Temporary Food Service Permit?

A Temporary Food Service Permit issued by the Randolph Health Department is required for any event that:

  • uses a caterer to provide food (whether a private or public event)
  • is open to the public (defined as adverstised through media, publicly displayed signs, flyers or are otherwise open to anyone)

How to obtain a permit?

  • Complete the application
  • Submit the completed application with fee payable to the Town of Randolph (where applicable) to the venue/event manager

Other things to know

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