Site Plan/Design Review and Special Permits

Site Plan & Design Review

A comprehensive review of certain project proposals is established:

1. To encourage better design and site planning to enhance the character of the Town and ensure that new development sensitively fits into neighborhoods

2. To provide flexibility in the application of development standards

3. To improve communication and participation among developers, neighbors and the Town early in the design and siting of new development.


Special Permits

“Zoning ordinances or by-laws shall provide for specific types of uses which shall only be permitted in specified districts upon the issuance of a special permit. Special permits may be issued only for uses which are in harmony with the general purpose and intent of the ordinance or by-law, and shall be subject to general or specific provisions set forth therein; and such permits may also impose conditions, safeguards and limitations on time or use.” See G. L. c. 40A, § 9.

The Town of Randolph Planning Board Rules & Regulations provide guidance and instruction on when and how to file projects for review by the Planning Board.  For a general overview of the process, review the FLOW CHART