Planning Department

The Planning Department consists of a five member appointed board and a Planning Director.  It's goal is to balance social, environmental and economic interests to ensure an orderly and sustainable future for the Town. 

The Planning Board is responsible for:

Reviewing development plans- Submitted to the Board by applicants who want to develop their land for residential, commercial, or other purposes. The procedures for reviewing and approving or disapproving such plans are spelled out in State laws (or statues) and local ordinances.

Guiding the process of making Zoning Amendments- Over time, local ordinances may no longer serve the vision of how Randolph wants to grow.  Amending zoning ordinances is a detailed process conducted to make sure the public has sufficient opportunity to provide input. Final approval is voted on by the Town Council.

Establishing a Master Plan - Boards are responsible for the creation and updating of the town Master or Comprehensive plan. Having a Master Plan is helpful towards designing zoning amendments, identifying open space priorities, economic development goals, addressing housing and transportation issues and bringing all aspects of town government together under one coordinated plan.

Regulating the subdivision of land - The Board manages all requests to divide tracts of land into two or more lots ensuring compliance with the Subdivision Control Law and the Subdivision Rules and Regulations of the Randolph


Staff Contacts

Planning Board Members

MemberTerm Expires
Alexandra Alexopoulos


Pete Taveira


Steve Monteiro


Patrick Harrison


Tony Plizga