Go Outside and PLAY!

Randolph invests in the future of its children through the positive power of play.  In addition to promoting a healthy lifestyle, physical play helps children to learn and improve social skills, reduce stress and stimulate creativity.   There are 7 quality play facilities throughout the community affording children the opportunity to  run, jump, swing, slide, climb and crawl.


Enter "the forest".  
Are you on a jungle expedition where dinosaurs can be found?  
A safari with lions and cheetahs?
Perhaps you've entered a magical forest filled with fairies?

Randolph's largest community playground provides a gathering space children and adults of all abilities to meet, play and create adventures.  

Paved walkways allow for stroller, walker and wheelchair access to the toddler playstructure, two sets of swings and a large adventure play structure guaranteed to provide hours of creative fun.

Benches throughout the park provide seating and keeps children within eyesight; lunch/snacks can be enjoyed at picnic tables beneath a shaded pavilion.

For budding musicians or just tired, tikes, explore the sound garden.

Hot summer day?  No pool?  No beach?  No worries!  

In season, IMAGINATION STATION refreshes hot kids with splash and play. Six button activated ground level sprinklers and a large flower spray provide just the cooling off they need. Bring a towel and the sunblock and it's as good as a day at the beach  - without sand!  

Imagination Station is located on Pleasant Street near the Williams Gazebo and Randolph Intergenerational Community Center.  Parking is available in the lot shared with the Zapustas Ice Arena.  

Please note:   Pets are welcome OUTSIDE of the fenced in play space. Please remove pet waste.

Smaller - and equally exciting - neighborhood play structures are located at Randolph's elementary schools and are available for public use outside of school hours.

  • Donovan School - 123 Reed Street
  • Kennedy School - 20 Hurley Drive
  • Lyons School - 60 Vesey Road
  • Young School - 30 Lou Courtney Drive

Play structures at former school sites are available for public use at all times.

  • Tower Hill School - 6 Adams Street