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With social distancing requirements in place and an unknown end (or change) to those requirements, the Local Cultural Council of Randolph understands that the projects approved for grants may not take place as specified on a grant application.  Grant recipients have one year from the date of their approval notification to request reimbursement and need the LCC’s written permission (email or hard copy) to make changes to their projects. The modification should not significantly alter the original purpose of the approved application. Project extensions and modifications must be requested in writing (email or hard copy) and responded to in the same manner. In order to review an extension or other modification to an approved grant, the LCC must convene a quorum of LCC members and vote. The LCC must inform the applicant of their decision in writing and ensure that the vote is reflected in the meeting minutes.

With current circumstances in mind, the Council will be as flexible and responsive as possible to grantee requests for modifications and/or extensions to approved programs.  Please submit your request in writing either via  EMAIL or mail to:

Randolph Cultural Council
Town Hall
41 South Main Street
Randolph, MA 02368




The Randolph Cultural Council is a local agency supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council that provides grant funding to support programs that promote the arts, humanities and interpretive sciences to benefit the Randolph community.

The Council supports many forms of culture, including heritage and natural history, performing and visual arts, participatory and experimental events. Our funding priorities are to support Randolph-based artists, performers, and venues although others may apply and we are especially interested in proposals that enhance the local economy, add value to existing initiatives, and that reach the broadest possible audience. Organizations or individuals that have received funding for two years in a row will receive lower priority during the review process. Requests for retroactive funding may be considered but will receive lower priority during the review process.

The Council's funding priorities are based upon input from the local community. Priority is given to programs that:

  • Have a secured date and a Randolph venue
  • Have demonstrable support from a Randolph sponsor 
  • Engage Randolph based artists
  • Impact a significant or large part of the Randolph community
  • Provide new ideas, creativity and interactive programs for a diverse community (not a repeat program)
  • Require zero to low admission/participation costs


Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Michelle Tyler President (781) 961-0936


Lucy Lum
Marie Connors
Mary Barrett