May 12th-COVID-19-Update

POSTED ON: MAY 12, 2020 - 7:16PM

ACTIVE COVID-19 CASE UPDATE:  As of May 12, 2020, MDPH has reported 79,332 confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Massachusetts up from 78,462 confirmed cases yesterday. There are 7,046 confirmed cases in Norfolk County up from 7,004 cases. New Cases Today: 6, Total Active Cases: 492. Total Recovered: 204. Total Deaths: 41.  The state notified us today of 6 Covid related deaths that occurred on April 8 (age 86), April 13 (age 92), April 14 (age 87), April 16 (age 75 & 80) and April 24 (age 66).  These deaths are community based and not related to Care One.

FACE COVERING OR MASK MUST BE WORN IN STORES: Governor Baker has made face coverings required state-wide.  Any person entering any business in Randolph, such as a grocery store, pharmacy, take-out food, hardware store and the like must wear a cloth face covering, such as a fabric mask, scarf or bandana, over their nose and mouth. Please save medical masks for health care use and first responders.

If you cough or sneeze, the mask can catch those respiratory droplets so they don't land on other people or surfaces. "So it's not going to protect you, but it is going to protect your neighbor," says Dr. Daniel Griffin at Columbia University, an expert on infectious diseases. "If your neighbor is wearing a mask and the same thing happens, they're going to protect you."

TURNER FREE LIBRARY:  Don't forget during these difficult times it is important to remain connected to educational, recreational, and informational resources. To get your free digital library card or check out the vast resources available to any Randolph resident, please visit