Restaurant Temporary Outdoor Seating Information

temporary outdoor restaurant seating
As Massachusetts reopens the economy, many restaurants will be seeking to temporarily add or expand existing outdoor seating. In an effort to make this process easier for restaurants in Randolph, the Town has developed the following guidance which includes the minimum requirements from all relevant Town Departments. Additionally, the Town has streamlined the process to include only one application form.
For the purposes of expanding a liquor licensed premise, businesses must comply with the ABCC’s Patio Guidelines. To be clear “Contiguous” as referenced in the ABCC Patio Guidelines means that the premise cannot be interrupted by another property not owned or leased by the licensee. If there is  a street or building owned or leased by another between the licensed premise and the proposed space, the extension of Liquor License cannot be granted.

Please carefully review the following guidance documents issued by the State as well as the Town requirements:

State of Massachusetts Guidelines and Policies

pouLis pou Tann Restoran

choDanh sách kiểm tra nhà hàng

Rezime Pwotokòl pou Restoran yo 

choTóm tắt giao thức nhà hàng

State of Massachusetts Self-Certification for Reopening

      1. COVID-19 Control plan

COVID-19 Modèl Plan Kontwòl

Mẫu kế hoạch kiểm soát COVID-19

      2. Compliance Attestation Poster

Afektasyon Atestasyon Konfòmite

Áp phích tuân thủ

      3. Mandatory Safety Standards for Workplaces (Employer Poster)

Anplwayè pou reouvri Afich la

Áp dụng mở lại áp dụng lao động

      4. Mandatory Safety Standards for Workplaces (Worker Poster)

Travayè reouvri Afich

Áp phích mở lại công nhân