Recycle and Trash Pick Up During the Winter Months

New England Winters Are Tough - - all the snow, ice, salt and more snow, ice and salt – it’s a continuous cycle.

shovel your recycle bin

During the winter months, waste materials should not be placed behind or on top of snowbanks. It’s unsafe for you and waste collectors to retrieve bins from snowbanks as you risk a dangerous slip or fall onto icy pavement.

•Ensure that the end of your driveway is thoroughly salted so you and waste collectors can safely access and collect bins. Waste collectors may not be able to access your driveway if it’s too slippery.

•Recycling pick up is automated – A recycle truck is equipped with an automated arm, the driver does not exit the truck. If the arm does not have clear access to the bin, it cannot be picked up. All recycling must be in the bin. The bin must be facing forward, with the wheels facing your home and the metal bar facing the street.

•Please have your barrels out by 7:00 am and be sure to properly space them away from snowbanks, cars, utility poles, mailboxes, or other obstacles.

•Try to place barrels at the end of the driveway or as close to the curb as possible, but not in the street.

•Make sure trash and recycling bins are clearly visible to the driver and are not hidden behind snowbanks, trees, bushes, or cars.