Randolph New Paving Announced for Summer and Fall 2018

The Town of Randolph has announced that seven streets have been targeted for repaving as part of the Town’s ongoing efforts to improve the overall condition of streets in sidewalks in Town. 

Working with contractor TL Edwards, the following streets will be paved this season: Orchard, Bartlett, Cottage, Maitland, Dumore, Fogo, and Depot (partial).  Paving will begin in July and continue into the early-Fall.

The Town Council approved over $600,000 to compliment the Town’s Chapter 90 funds which are approximately $700,000.  In addition to repaving, many streets will be targeted for crack-sealing, preventing further deterioration of the road quality.

“This is one of the most important needs in Town,” said Town Manager David Murphy.  “We have countless roads that need help and we continue to chip away at the need.  We have made substantial progress over the past eight years on our main and secondary roads but our neighborhood roads haven’t been improved in decades. This $1.3 million will be helpful but we have a long way to go.”

The Town is working off a Pavement Management Plan in which engineers analyzed every road and assigned an investment grade to it in order to maximize the limited resources.  This has ensured a fair and deliberate process void of politics and inefficiency.

 Added Murphy, “We will continue to identify resources for this critical need.  I believe new pavement is linked increased property values and better quality of life in our neighborhoods.  We will continue plugging away at our sizeable inventory.”