Face Covering Advisory and Requirements- Dec. 22, 2021

Randolph has been doing an incredible job protecting our residents.  Randolph has one of the most comprehensive Covid-19 testing and vaccine programs in the State.  In just the past two days, we have provided over 2,200 PCR tests.  In addition, we have vaccines available almost every day - first shot, second shot and booster.  We also provided over 6,000 at-home rapid tests since Sunday.  We also manage a test and stay program for the Randolph Public Schools.  Testing and vaccine access are the key and the most important parts of our strategy, and will remain so, but we will be kicking off a new "Mask Up Randolph" program.  We will mandate masks in all public buildings and that employers have their public facing employees wearing a mask.  Otherwise, we will continue to follow CDC and MA Department of Public Health regulations.  We do not have the resources or the capacity to enforce a full mask mandate without pulling critical staff from our testing or vaccine efforts.  Thank you for your patience and cooperation. To view a PDF version of the Health Department Face Covering Advisory and Requirements, please click here.

Face Covering Advisory and Requirements 12-22-21

face covering advisory and requirements pg. 2 12-22-21


Please Wear a Face Mask