Fire Department

The Randolph Fire Department is comprised of 61 members who through dedication, commitment, and bravery help protect the citizens and property of the town of Randolph.  The men and women of this department stand by to answer the calls of those in need all day, every day, without exception.  Through training, education, prevention, and diligence this department shall continue to maintain its highest level of service and care.

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Randolph Fire Department's official website 

In 2020 we have responded to 5,751 emergencies with at least one fire apparatus (engine or ladder) and

we responded to 4,963 calls with a transporting ambulance.

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Richard Donovan Chief of Department
Ronald Cassford Chief of Operations
Capree Disharoom Administrative Assistant
Michael Austrino Fire Prevention Captain
Marcus Andrews Fire Prevention Lieutenant
Thomas Binnall EMS Coordinator
Cheri Patten S.A.F.E. Educator
Kristopher Kronillis S.A.F.E. Educator