Outreach Services


Brenda Margolis- Outreach Director

Brenda had been a cosmatologist and owned and operated her own business for 50 years, becuase of a leg problem she decided to retire. After 2 weeks she realized she hated retirement life and decided to start volunteer. She came to the Senior Center to peak around, and within two weeks she was helping with the craft group. Shortly afterwards Brenda was asked to be a friendly visitor, she loved it so much that after 5 years volunetter she took on the job of outreach worker. Brenda loves working with our seniors. She also works with Salvation Army helpig others in need. Brenda is also the President and Treasurer of the Friends. To make an appointment with Brenda please call 781-961-0929 Or to speak with her in person please call 781-961-0928


Mina Porter, MSW Outreach Worker

Mina is graduate of Boston College School of Social Work with a concentration in Gerontology. She has worked in the Greater Boston Community for the past twenty years. She has been advocating, developing programs, and providing services for low income families and seniors to help them achieve their goals. She is a committed person who works and volunteers many hours for the Town of Randolph. Mina seeks to provide services for seniors who are active and those who are "shut ins" to assure that all their needs are being met. Mina is the proud grandmother of seven grand children of whom, two have chosen to follow in her footsteps as a social workers by caring and understanding and showing compassion. Mina is available by appointment by calling 781-961-0930


Dala Chery- Haitian Outreach Specialist

Dala is resides in Randolph with her children and her husband, Pastor MIlton Chery. She works as a co-Pastor with her husband at a Nazarene Church in Brockton, MA . Dala has a religious radio show on a local Haitian radio station four times a week. Dala works for the Randolph Board of Health and the Randolph Senior Center as a Coordinator and as a Community Health Worker for the Haitian community. To speak with Dala please call her at 781-308-6001 or email dalachery@ymail.com.


Maria Pham- Vietnamese Outreach Specialist

Maria has been a Registered Nurse,  a certified SHINE Counselor and an executive member of Vietnamese Health Initiative in Greater Boston Area and has been involved in the healthcare field for more than fifteen years. Aside from her work, she is actively involved in helping coordinating programs for immigrant Vietnamese in Randolph and beyond. In her free time, she enjoys volunteering at her son’s elementary school, listening to National Public Radio, hosting potlucks with friends, embracing her inner amateur photographer, crocheting and exploring new healthy food.  To speak with Maria please email her at mariapham012000@yahoo.com