Conservation Commission

From the Offices of Governor Charles D. Baker
COVID-19 0rder No.17
(signed March 26, 2020)

(a) Constructive Approvals:  No approval shall be considered granted, approved, or denied, constructively or otherwise, due to a failure of a state permitting agency to act within the time required by statute, rule, or regulation; provided, however, that the running of the applicable 
time period shall resume 45 days after the termination of the state of emergency.

(b) Hearing Deadlines:  Any requirement that a hearing commence within a specific period of time after the filing of or appeal of a decision on an application, order, notice of intent, petition, or request for an approval is hereby suspended during the state of emergency; provided, however, that the running of the applicable time period shall resume 45 days after the termination of the state of emergency.

(c) Decision Deadlines:  Any requirement that a state permitting agency (i) issue a decision on an application, order, notice of intent, petition, or request for approval, (ii) issue a decision on an appeal of an application, order, notice of intent, petition, or request for approval, or (iii) request a superseding order or determination, within a specific period of time is hereby suspended during the state of emergency; provided, however, that the running of theapplicable time period shall resume 45 days after the termination of the state of emergency.

(d) Appeal Rights:  Any person aggrieved by a decision or final decision of a state permitting agency on an approval whose right to appeal such decision would expire during the state of emergency absent the filing of an appeal shall have until 45 days following the termination of the state emergency to file an appeal.

(e) Permit Tolling:  An approval issued by a state permitting agency valid as of March 10,2020 shall not lapse or otherwise expire during the state of emergency and the expiration date of the approval shall toll during the state of emergency.  To the extent that any such approval
contains or is subject to other deadlines or conditions, the state permitting agency may extend such deadlines or waive such conditions if an approval holder is not able to abide by the deadlines or conditions due to the state of emergency.  This section shall not apply to a
holder of an approval who was in violation of the terms and conditions of the approval as of March 10,2020.

(f)  DEP Intended Use Plan: The requirement that the Department of Environmental  Protection conduct a public hearing before adopting its priority list, or Intended Use Plan (IUP), for 2020 under its State Revolving Fund regulations at 310 CMR 44.00 and 310 CMR45.00 is hereby suspended.  The Department may adopt its priority list without a public hearing if it publishes a draft IUP and accepts and considers public comments on its draft list

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The Conservation Commission is responsible for administration of the Randolph Wetlands Regulations and Bylaws and the Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act.  Through the administration and enforcement these regulations and bylaws, the Conservation Commission aims to:

  • promote proactive administration of environmental laws and policies
  • protect Randolph's open space
  • ensure effective wetland and water management and protection
  • promote environmental education
  • preserve Randolph's natural resources. 

The Commission works with various departments in Town to ensure the regulations and bylaws are upheld.  It  looks to improve the environmental integrity of the community while maintaining and improving the Town's current conservation areas.

For information on stormwater management, please visit the STORMWATER page or contact Randolph DPW.

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Conservation Commission

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