Building Department


Inspectional Services

L to R: John Ryan Wiring Inspector, Elizabeth Bouche Principal Clerk, Robert Curran Plumbing Inspector, Ronald Lum Building Commissioner, Richard Monahan Asst. Building Inspector, Cheryl Witherspoon Code Enforcement Officer

The Town of Randolph Building Department shall place the public's welfare above all other interests and in doing so, we recognize that the chief function of this  governmental department is to serve the best interests of all of the people of the Town. 

Recognizing the public's trust bestowed upon individuals engaged in the administration and enforcement of building and regulatory codes, the Randolph Building Department commits itself to a standard of professional behavior that exemplifies the highest standard of comptetncy and the appropriate use of authority to protect the public.

In our case, public trust is especially important.  Our effectiveness can be measured only in the number of construction accidents, building collapses and fire deaths that did not happen.  The disastrous effects of unsafe buildings, hazards, and natural disasters, such as fires, floods, earthquakes and hurricanes can be minimized through effective enforcement of 780 CMR, The State Building Code.  The importance of what we do is not easily grasped.

We are a public safety department that enforces:  780 CMR, The State Building Code; MGL, Chapter 143, Sections 3 through 61; MGL, Chapter 142A; 521 CMR, The Architectural Access Regulations; MGL, Chapter 40A, The Zoning Act; Town of Randolph Zoning By-laws and the General Bylaws of the Town (specific sections).  Simply put, we examine plans, issue permits and perform inspections to comply with the laws of the Town as well as the Commonwealth.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Ronald Lum Building Commissioner 781-961-0921
Elizabeth Bouche Principal Clerk 781-961-0921
Robert E Curran Jr. Plumbing Inspector 781-961-0920
John Ryan Electrical Inspector 781-607-4729
Cheryl Witherspoon Code Enforcement Officer 781-961-0914
Richard Monahan Assistant Building Inspector 781-961-0922