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Powers Farm

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  1. Boathouse with Dock
  2. Open Air Seating
  3. Pavilion
  4. Playground
  5. Restrooms
  6. Trails

For rentals, see the Rentals page or call 781-961-0930.

About Powers Farm

In 2009 the Town of Randolph, Massachusetts, through the Community Preservation Committee, purchased a 22-acre parcel of land from the Powers family, who had farmed the property for over a century. This open space parcel, now known as Powers Farm Community Park, encompasses a portion of Norroway Brook, Norroway Pond, multiple acres of successional meadows, marshland, an alfalfa field, and an Atlantic White Cedar Swamp.

This parcel is unique to Randolph and to much of the metropolitan Boston area because it is an undeveloped 22-acre parcel that has a five-acre pond, acres of open field, and a rare Atlantic White Cedar Swamp. Active agriculture, over the past century, has kept the land open and kept invasive plant species in check. Wildlife is abundant due to the connectivity to large expanses of open space to the north and south. Norroway Pond, constructed for agricultural uses and ice harvest, is a scenic treasure and again is home to a large population of waterfowl and other wildlife.

At the Farm

Development on the property has been limited to structures that support passive recreation use including a small play area, large picnic pavilion, restrooms, boathouse with dock, open-air seating and a trail network that winds through the alfalfa fields and the Atlantic White Cedar swamp. Powers Farm is home to annual events such as Harvest Hoopla in October, Main Street Marketplace farmers market June through September, and summer programs including kayaking and canoeing.

Using the Park

The Town attempts to balance maintaining habitats for the wildlife living at Powers Farm and providing an enjoyable experience for human visitors. Both the land and Norroway Pond are protected resources meant to remain natural and as undisturbed as possible; the alfalfa fields are part of an active farming operation and permitted to grow quite high in the summer until they are ready to be hayed. Visitors to the farm and pond should respect that the following activities are prohibited and, in many cases, punishable by law:

  • Willfully remaining near or approaching wildlife, including nesting birds, within any distance that disturbs or displaces the animal
  • Hunting
  • Feeding animals or leaving food for them. Do not disrupt, harm, collect, chase, or harass any animals. Animals protected include insects and other invertebrates, fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals.
  • Collecting, rearranging or damaging soil, rocks, sand and/or water
  • Removing or damaging any plant (living or dead) or planting any seeds
  • Permitting any dog or pet to be off-leash. All animals must remain leashed at all times on all parts of the property.
  • The use of any motorized vehicle on any part of the property except for equipment required for those individuals with disabilities
  • Smoking, fires, barbecues, cook stoves, candles, firecrackers, or other fires
  • Any actions that pollute or cause disruption to streams, ponds, wetlands, culverts, drains, or stormwater management structures

For questions, contact Randolph Intergenerational Community Center at 781-961-0930.