What Happens After the Hearing?

After the hearing is closed, the Commission deliberates the project and impacts on the wetlands. They issue a decision (Order of Conditions), within 21 days of closing the hearing outlining the approval of a project and any criteria the property owner must comply with to protect the associated wetland areas. The Commission may deny a project if it cannot be adequately conditioned to protect wetlands.

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1. Who Is Notified of a Wetlands Project?
2. How Can I Find Out More About What is Proposed?
3. What Should I Expect at the Public Hearing?
4. What Issues Does the Commission Consider?
5. How Do I Present Testimony at a Public Hearing?
6. How Can I Make My Concerns Known if I Cannot Attend?
7. What Happens After the Hearing?
8. Will I Be Notified of the Decision?
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