Are there prizes?

There are prizes for the team that finishes the 900 miles first, biggest team (most participants), and the most money raised (both individual and team). These links will provide rankings: Team rankings | Team participants | Top Individual Fundraisers | Top Team Fundraisers 

There may be weekly events within the Facebook group which will allow for additional individual prize opportunities, so we’d encourage you to join the Beat the Bay State Facebook Group.

Prizes are issued by WalkBoston and are not affiliated with the Community Wellness Project, Town of Randolph, or Randolph Mass in Motion.

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1. Is this a virtual or in-person event?
2. Can I sign up a friend or family member when I’m signing up?
3. Where is a good place to walk or run?
4. I want to participate in the meet ups and use the RICC indoor track on my own time but I don’t have a membership. What do I do?
5. How do I log my miles?
6. I want to join a team but I forget our team name. Can I see a list of all the teams?
7. How can I track my miles?
8. I only track my steps. How do I log those?
9. How do we know how far along our team is?
10. Can someone join our team even after November 1st?
11. Our team will mostly be families in my neighborhood doing walks/runs together. How many members of a family can log the miles? For instance, if I am signed up but my son goes for a 2-mile walk, can I
12. Are there prizes?
13. Can we keep going if/when our team hits 900 miles?
14. I have a question about something that isn’t covered here.