Can I pay my bills online? Which ones?

Yes. You can pay your bills online right from our web page on the Town's website. Just follow the links and you can use your credit or debit card to pay Real Estate taxes, Personal Property taxes, Water/Sewer/Trash bills and Motor Vehicle Excise taxes.

The Town has recently switched to City Hall Systems for online bill payment. This new payment portal offers improved user functionality and ease of use. Visit the Online Bill Payment and Donations page to get started.

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1. Can I pay my bills online? Which ones?
2. What bills can be paid at the Treasurer / Collector's office?
3. What methods of payment are accepted?
4. Where can I mail my payments?
5. Can I leave my payment at the Town outside of regular business hours?
6. What is a water lien?
7. How often are Randolph residents billed for Water / Sewer and Trash?
8. How often are Randolph taxpayers billed for Real Estate and Personal Property taxes?
9. Where can I pay past-due Motor Vehicle Excise tax?