Blue Devil Dashers

blue devil dasher

The Community Wellness Project and Randolph Mass in Motion have partnered up for year 2 leading a virtual team to walk 900 miles together for Beat the Bay State, a virtual walking challenge hosted by WalkBoston.  This is a wonderful health and wellness initiative that the Town of Randolph is happy to support, encouraging our community to come together to be more active in ways that work for each person.   A secondary goal is to form the biggest team in the challenge and maybe, just maybe, walk the most miles.  In our first year, we ended November with the 5th largest team in the state with  members hail from as far as San Diego to as near as Town Hall.  We walked a collective 2753 miles with one member walking an astonishing 293 miles alone! 

This is a virtual month long event; no need to go anywhere other than where you choose to walk.  You can walk alone, walk with friends or join the Dashers at a weekly meet up Wednesdays from 5-6pm at the RICC.  Need some walking ideas to keep you motivated?  Check our calendar for suggestions.

ARE YOU UP FOR THE CHALLENGE?  Interested in joining the Blue Devil Dashers? Registrations are online at Beat the Bay State.  The first 20 Randolph residents to register for the team will have the cost of registration reimbursed.  There is no deadline for registering but the sooner you register, the faster your steps count! We welcome those of all abilities!

If you have questions, check our Frequently Asked Questions.  If the answer isn't there, please email us at or

people standing on the track at RICC