Zoning Board of Appeals

 Town Manager Dave Murphy is seeking volunteers to serve on the Town’s Zoning Board of Appeals.

                The Zoning Board hears applications from landowners seeking specific variances from the zoning code.  They meet approximately once per month.  New members will be placed as Alternates on the Board as an orientation process, occasionally sitting in as the need arises.  It’s a great entry-level opportunity to serve your local government.

                If you are interested, please send an email to Town Manager Dave Murphy at dmurphy@randolph-ma.gov with your contact information and relevant background.  Legal or construction/trades background is preferred, but not required.

Contact Zoning Board of Appeals

Board Members

Arnold Rosenthal


(781) 963-1115

Al Costa
Kevin O'Connell
Christopher Spears
Sean Fontes
Jack Hill, Jr.


(508) 838-1465

Alternate Members

Charles Gordon
Carlotta Hampton
Jose Myrthil
Robert Cornish
Thien Kim Nguyen