2015 Year End Report

During the year many staffing changes have occurred, new equipment has been put into service and maintained as well as improvements to our department with the assistance of the town’s capital plan. During 2015 the department had 4616 ambulance responses making the total department responses 10,153.

This year the department recognizes Firefighter Richard Potter on his retirement after serving the town as a firefighter EMT for 17 years. Also, this year the Fire Department lost a true firefighting professional and mentor to those who had the privilege to have known and served with him with the passing of Firefighter EMT Alexander “Al” FREW.

This year brought a great show of support for the mission of the Randolph Fire department as we were fortunate enough to receive funding from community members to purchase lifesaving equipment that we did not have the resources to purchase within our annual operating budget. The Randolph Savings Bank with the assistance of its President and CEO Jim McDonough generously purchased three multiple gas detection meters used to detect the presence of deadly gases which could be present within homes or businesses. Also, residents Bill and Barbara Linehan, Janice Wentzel, and Roy and Helen Conrad donated considerable funding to purchase two Lucas 12 Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation assistance devices which assist firefighters in the delivery of chest compressions in the process of CPR. The benefits of these machines are the delivery of a continued, efficient, CPR procedure while allowing the firefighter to perform other lifesaving techniques.

The department continues to aggressively pursue alternate sources of revenue to assist us in attaining our goal of providing the best possible services for the community. Our focus has been directed not only on state and federal grant programs but to private concerns offering philanthropic assistance to Public Safety Departments thru private grants and gifts. The grant process is highly competitive and confidence can very rarely be placed in the idea that resources applied for will be awarded. That being said I believe it is a worthwhile path to follow not only to assist this department with its needs but to relieve stress on the town’s financial burden.

This past year the department partnered with Randolph Public Schools. Randolph Police Department, and Massasoit Community College, in an outreach project with Randolph High School seniors and juniors. This initiative titled Public Safety Pathways gives an insight into the areas of Firefighting, Law Enforcement, and the Emergency Medical Field. During this program students are trained in all aspects of Firefighting and Emergency Medical Response. The course consists of classroom instruction as well real life emergency scenarios designed to require the students to make decisions based on their training. At the culmination of the course students will be certified in CPR, CPR instruction, Epinephrine (EPI PEN) administration, Automatic Defibrillator usage, and trained to the first responder level.

The department continues its focus on fire awareness and in home safety with its ongoing S.A.F.E. and Senior S.A.F.E. Programs. The S.A.F.E. Program this past year delivered education on fire safety to over 1,000 school age children. The Senior S.A.F.E Program continues to grow with the assistance of the Elderly Affairs Department. This program reached out to over 250 seniors, completed 24 home safety visits, 38 smoke alarm installations and 39 Carbon Monoxide installations.

I would like to thank all of the men and women of the Randolph Fire Department for their unwavering devotion to the efficient and professional delivery of emergency services to the community. Their commitment to a high standard of service on a daily basis is the catalyst for the continued success of this department.

I would like to thank Town Manager David C. Murphy, the Town Council and all other town departments for their guidance and assistance that they have provided our department throughout the year. In particular, I would like to thank Chief William Pace and the men and women of the Randolph Police Department for the cohesive and professional working relationship they put forth at all times as we work together to serve the community of Randolph.

Respectively submitted,

Richard F. Donovan
Chief of Department